Gaw-Bernhardt & Associates Real Estate Sales & Leasing

Whether you are looking for a single-family home or an apartment, finding a place to live can be challenging. You’ll find the right location but not the right price or the right price but not the right size. At Gaw-Bernhardt & Associates, we take pride in offering the finest rental properties in Cookeville and we have a wide variety of locations and prices to choose from.

We offer apartments and single-family homes, many with convenient locations near the TTU campus, CRMC and other medical facilities, churches, schools and shopping. If storage is a concern, we also have Stak-N-Pak units for lease. All of our properties have been built and developed by Jerry C. Gaw, INC.1 and/or Bernhardt, LLC2 and are maintained by our professional management and maintenance team.

1) Jerry C. Gaw, INC. licensed in 1983 Commercial-Residential Contractor in Tennessee.

2) Bernhardt, LLC licensed in 2005 Commercial-Residential Contractor in Tennessee.